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Welcome to Quietstormbeatz.com, where to get rap beats & buy beats onlineGet quality, pro sounding,instrumental download beat/s, whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out. If you are an artist serious about their music and looking to buy beats online, you are on the right website. Browse through the large and increasingly ever-growing catalog updated daily/every other day, that features instrumental download beats that cater to a wide variety of genres ranging from Hip-Hop, Dirty South, R&B Beats, Pop, Rock, Dubstep, Trap, Dance, Soul & more. Instrumental downloads and more, to suit almost any musical genre you may want to perform or record. Make your own songs and keep 100% profit by selling them royalty free ALWAYS. Sign up for free membership and get the gift of free beats online to an email of your choice, just to get you started, plus instant access to more beats(email account must be valid to be able to get your beats). To buy beats online and get instrumental downloads as leases and exclusives has never been easier with the easy checkout system that makes your beats available INSTANTLY, no waiting.  Use the quick checkout cart below or browse by genre with the menu on the bottom right hand below. Click on the beat you want or add to cart and you are ready to checkout. After payment, the download link is sent the email address you used for the transaction. p.s. it might be in the spam folder. Click on the download link & you are ready to download your beat. Trackouts and WAVs are sent by request, See FAQ for more information.
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How to buy beats online 

When an artist is looking to buy beats online, there are several options which you have to consider depending on what you are trying to do and what type of project you are working on. Ask yourself this, are you looking for a single, are you looking to make a mix-tape or an album, do you just want to make a promotional video? These are some of the things to consider when you want to buy beats online.

Lease vs Exclusive

When you buy a lease online, it is pretty much when you purchase a 'rental licensing'…Read more

Weekend Long Sale! Get up to 25% 

LeaseSale 25% off leases in top player.
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New beats for download added Nov16, 2012 

20 something new beats have been added top the site. Its a mixture of pop beats and hip hop beats. Beats are similar to those of Pitbull, J-LO, LMFAO, Kei$ha in the pop beats selections. The hip hop beats, which are mainly southern 808 heavy beats, are in the syle of Gucci Mane, 2Chains, Yo Gotti, Future and Jeezy type of beats. They are available as exclusive beats for sale or lease beats for sale.

How to improve your vocals when recording music 

Vocals are a main key component of a song besides the beat of course. Even if you have the tightest beat it doesn’t matter if your vocals sound muddy, too reverbed on pretty much inaudible. So there some things you have to take into consideration when laying your vocals down.

Obviously first thing is to have a good or quality microphone with a filter in front. You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars, become familiar with your equipment. Learn the pros and cons of a microphone before buying…Read more

Pepperboy & Quietstormbeatz featured on Major Online Magazine, The Fader! 

Special thanks and congrads to Pepperboy who has been putting out fire track after track and the bloggers are noticing the hardwork. Recently one of the tracks , an instant classic, One Life ft Temolja & Blackberry, produced by Quietstormbeatz, made it to Fader, a major online magazine. Hes also been featured on Spin magazine, another major online magazine.
The article link:

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