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Welcome to Quietstormbeatz.com, where to get rap beats & buy beats onlineGet quality, pro sounding,instrumental download beat/s, whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out. If you are an artist serious about their music and looking to buy beats online, you are on the right website. Browse through the large and increasingly ever-growing catalog updated daily/every other day, that features instrumental download beats that cater to a wide variety of genres ranging from Hip-Hop, Dirty South, R&B Beats, Pop, Rock, Dubstep, Trap, Dance, Soul & more. Instrumental downloads and more, to suit almost any musical genre you may want to perform or record. Make your own songs and keep 100% profit by selling them royalty free ALWAYS. Sign up for free membership and get the gift of free beats online to an email of your choice, just to get you started, plus instant access to more beats(email account must be valid to be able to get your beats). To buy beats online and get instrumental downloads as leases and exclusives has never been easier with the easy checkout system that makes your beats available INSTANTLY, no waiting.  Use the quick checkout cart below or browse by genre with the menu on the bottom right hand below. Click on the beat you want or add to cart and you are ready to checkout. After payment, the download link is sent the email address you used for the transaction. p.s. it might be in the spam folder. Click on the download link & you are ready to download your beat. Trackouts and WAVs are sent by request, See FAQ for more information.
Get the quality instrumental download beats you have need today, and let Quietstormbeatz help turn your ideas into songs.
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Hip Hop Beats for sale and New beats added 

New hip hop beats for sale in the new beats section. You can get cheap exclusives in the new beat section too because there is a sale going on til the end of May, 2011 . The beats have a sale icon next to them are the ones on clearance and the other ones on sale are marked $29.99.
So the promos goes as follows:
Buy 4 beats with the sale tag get 1 free of equal or less value + any 2 free lease beats
Buy 3 beats for $29.99 Special, get 1 free exclusive beat or equal or less value + any 2 free…Read more

Copyright music 101 

What is a copyright?

“ A Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted by the law of a jurisdiction to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work. Exceptions and limitations to these rights strive to balance the public interest in the wide distribution of the material produced and to encourage creativity. Exceptions include fair dealing and fair use, and such use does not require the permission of the copyright owner. All other uses require…Read more

New beats added May 12, 2011 

New tracks have been added to the website in different genres. Check the new beat section. Theres about 12 new beats that I recently added to the catalog of instrumental downloads as I continue to work hard to bring you the artist, quality hip hop beats.  I also need to clear up some stuff on the website that might have a couple of people confused. Not all the beats on the website have been SOLD. I just leave the sold ones up there to give people a reference of the different types of music I can do, just in…Read more

Music Presskits 101 

Find useful resources on promoting, marketing, how to tutorials and much more for independent artist's with different levels of experience. Feel free to add information that you think will help other people too in the comments section. The information in the blog is updated regularly, so check up for updates or bookmark it for future references.

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Information about music press kits: Get shows; enhance your chances of getting signed.

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