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Welcome to Quietstormbeatz. I'm Black Tim. I'm a producer, beat maker and a consultant for people working on their music projects or that need promotional ideas e.t.c. I've been producing since 2006 in different genres that include Hip Hop, R&B and Pop, but i also do Rock and Dance music. However my main focus is on Urban Music production which is where I'm more of an expert. I've worked with hundreds of artists literally and continue to work with new artists.

Besides producing, I also run this website of course.  I formed the website with the vision to level the playing field between majors and independent artists, thus enabling indies and indie artist to get quality music, buy beats online at reasonable prices and services the majors on big budgets get. So far I achieved this goal pretty well given the number of people I have worked with and who appreciate and see the same vision I had when I started the site.

At Quietstormbeatz.com, I ensure every beat is of the highest quality and has the potential to become both mainstream and underground hit, in addition to being movie score, soundtracks for film, commercials and television use. I provide quality, catchy, and professional instrumentals from a peer perspective. Quietstormbeatz.com’s large catalog of beats and sounds make it possible for me to create personalized solutions to meet industry standards and assure musical success for you, the artist. Remember, success doesnt come overnight, you have to work hard to get up the ladder. So just making good music is just half the battle, but I will help you achieve the music part as much as I can.

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