Tips on How to Get Your Music Out to a Wider Audience at No Cost, Build Bigger Fanbase

1. Get your own website, ning or blog. There are a lot of places you can get sites for cheap or at no cost .e.g. Yahoo pages, Google sites etc. It’s ok to have a social network page, but there is always the chance that when a fan reaches your page they are tempted to check out what else is on the site because it’s just human nature. To keep their undivided attention, it useful to setup a separate page dedicated to your craft.

2. Submit your music and subscribe to as many music related websites as possible. E.g.,,, Soundclick, iSound, Twitter, Flickr, BlogSpot, etc. The more sites you are signed up for and update, the more chances that somebody will run into your music that would not have heard you if u had confined yourself to just one site. E.g. some people stay on Facebook religiously, while some people don’t even have accounts. So to better your chances, try and reach as many free networks as possible. Think of it this way, a commercial for a product is shown on multiple channels not just one because people’s interests are different when it comes to TV programming…so in order to get a wider audience you also have to apply some of the same strategy.

3. Try to interact with your fans on social networks as much as possible. When I say interact, I don’t mean JUST keep talking about yourself and nothing else. If you find useful entertaining news, videos etc post it up and ask for their opinions. Leave HONEST feedback, comments etc on peoples pages, and somebody will respond if they are like minded.

4. Brand yourself. Make a logo, catch phrase or whatever that distinguishes you from the next person. People remember brands etc so if you have a name like Young, Yung, Lil, it’s kind of hard for people to remember you, since there are millions of people who have that same prefix to their name. What you will want to do in a situation like this is to brand yourself. Whether it’s a log, signature look, signature adlib or whatever, you have to differentiate yourself from the next person.

5. Keep your social network and website updated as possible. If you got new pictures, music, videos, you might as well post it or give samples teasers instead of it gathering digital dust on you r hard drive. The key is to keep people interested in what you have…So failure to update might make you last years news in a matter of weeks.

6. Ask for feedback for your music. Make sure you understand that everybody won’t always be kind with the feedback because people like different things and listening tastes are different. OS you have to be tolerant of people’s comments, unless they are blatantly trying to sabotage your cause, to which you can easily block them, lol. But seriously, any feedback is good feedback.


8. Submit your music to as many independent radio stations as possible. E.g. blog talk radio shows, college radios, internet satellite radio, any DJs.

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