Information about music presskits: Get shows; enhance your chances of getting signed.

Most artists make a mistake of just submitting a demo cd to record labels, hoping that maybe somebody hears it and signs them. The chances are very, very slim and there’s a more likelihood of your demo cd ending up in the trash section is sadly very high. Not to discourage submitting demos in this manner, but there is a way to improve the chances that somebody actually takes time to listen to your demo cd. This is where you would assemble a presskit to increase a positive perception of your image as an artist.

Essentially, what a music press kit is a tool used by musicians, labels, agents and managers to promote a group, a new release or a tour. Consider it as a form of a resume, but only really music related. Some music press kits are very simple while others contain a lot of stuff but they should all definitely include the basic which are:

• Promo CD

Press Release

• Press Clippings, if you have them

• Bio

Additional stuff that may also be included with a press kit includes:

* A Letter - Let whoever you sending the press kit to know why you're sending the Press Kit and make it professional. Avoid using slang; keep it short, simple and precise.

* Artist Press Kit Cover Page.

* Artist Bio Page – Pretty much, a page with your personal bio, preferably on your own .com website if you are submitting digital too.

* Artist Pictures - 8X10 Black & White is usually industry standard.

* Artist Contact Information – How would record labels get a hold of you.

* Demo CD- 3 or 4 Songs Only.

* Demo Flash Drive - In the ever changing music environment, digital technology is playing a huge role in modernizing the music industry. There, just having a hard copy of your demo might not be enough at times. It is becoming more popular to put your band music on a flash- drive, but it's probably a good idea to have a Demo CD with you as well for the less computer savvy booking agents that maybe out there.

* Song List / Gig Sheet - Let the club/venue know where you have been done shows before on your gig sheet.

* Lyrics Sheet - Usually could be used to supplement CD Submissions to Record Labels.

* Newspaper/ Magazine Clippings - If you have been in the newspaper, magazine for your talents or shows, also send this stuff.

*Online Media Spotlights - if you have been featured by certain websites you can use this information too.

* Business Card - Keep it simple and plain

• Envelope - Try to make it stand out from other bands

Lately too, digital music presskits have been gaining popularity and all the aspects mentioned above can be incorporated in a digital presskits.

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