How to improve your vocals when recording music

Vocals are a main key component of a song besides the beat of course. Even if you have the tightest beat it doesn’t matter if your vocals sound muddy, too reverbed on pretty much inaudible. So there some things you have to take into consideration when laying your vocals down.

Obviously first thing is to have a good or quality microphone with a filter in front. You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars, become familiar with your equipment. Learn the pros and cons of a microphone before buying it too. A decent microphone makes so much more difference to your vocals e.g. recording from a speaker microphone and a real microphone sounds so different.

Adding reverb to your vocals adds depth to your voice and makes it sound full along with filling in space to make the track sound whole as one with the beat. Be careful not to add too much reverb, as you don’t want the echo to be too audible. Again, it’s a trial and error process to find a perfect balance.

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