How to compose a great hook for your song

How to compose a great hook for your song

I'm sure you know the hook of a song these days is probably the most essential part of the song. This has been the case really for as long as I can remember, even going back to the golden era of hip hop. Pretty much, if you have a catchy hook or a simple hook, the chances of your song catching a buzz or becoming a hit are high, provided you, the artist, does the marketing and promotion side to the best of your ability. Just listen to some of the songs on the radio e.g. Racks on Racks, it’s a simple repetitive hook that has auto tune on it, yet it is one of the most requested songs on the air waves. So what goes into making a hook that will help your single to sell or go viral? This is an age old question that has no one answer really. However there are certain things I have noticed that successful artists are doing to boost the status of their singles.

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