How to buy beats online

When an artist is looking to buy beats online, there are several options which you have to consider depending on what you are trying to do and what type of project you are working on. Ask yourself this, are you looking for a single, are you looking to make a mix-tape or an album, do you just want to make a promotional video? These are some of the things to consider when you want to buy beats online.

Lease vs Exclusive

When you buy a lease online, it is pretty much when you purchase a 'rental licensing' of a beat, but you, the artist, do not actually own the full ownership rights. Leases usually come in mp3 format only, but some producers offer it in wav format too. Usually producers and artists come to an agreement about how many units can be sold with a lease & also other terms and conditions of leasing.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Lease Beats
A lease is good when you want to try out a concept for a single. Its a cheap way to get a buzz going, and if the single picks up steam, its advisable to get the exclusive rights because you don't want to go back to a producer and find out that the beat for the single you were counting on is no longer available. Leases are also a good way to make a mix-tape on a budget if you are looking to use it mainly for promotional use or are trying out several singles to see which one catches on. Main disadvantage of a lease beat is that you, the artists, doesn't own the beat and can only do so much with the beat.

Exclusive Beat
An exclusive beat is full ownership of the beat and it usually comes with the option to get trackouts & wav files, along with a cotractual agreement.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Exclusive beats
A main advantage of buying an exclusive beat is that you have full ownership of the beat and have full control of how you want to alter it artistically. Exclusive beats also come with licensing. Most beats bought online exclusively are usually royalty free, which means, you keep 100% profit after you break even for the price of promotion and the beat. Exclusive beats can be used for albums, no cap on sales, videos, movies etc The main advantage of an exclusive beat is the no restrictions factor you have with the beat. The main disadvantage of an exclusive beat, is that if you pay a ton of money for the beat, and you project flops, that's money down the drain.

Hope this gives a better insight on how to buy beats online.

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