The Biography of Lyrical Miracle aka Platinum King

”As long as you got god with you, the whole world can be against you. Just work hard pray and grind, and keep God upon ya mind.” – Lyrical Miracle aka Platinum King

Born in Alabama, on the military base; with San Antonio, Texas as his hometown, and Wichita, Ks as his “stomping grounds”, Lyrical Miracle aka Platinum King, is one of the hottest upcoming representatives on the Rap / Hip Hop scene. Despite his success, Mr. Miracle has planned to blow up in the major label industry and stay humble in the process.

Last year, 2009; in the eyes of Lyrical Miracle this was another year for great music to be made. Mr. Miracle is one of the hardest working people in the business currently working a number of projects. “There are plenty of people who are not hard workers in this industry, and I am tired of working with people who are “all talk”, says Lyrical Miracle. “That is the reason why I bought my own equipment and started recording on my own. I am a player of the music game as well as I student of the game. This is why I record, mix and master all of my music myself because I have given so many people opportunities to work with me but none of them worked out”. “So I got tired of it, but as of 2009 Lyrical became more detemined and more focused.”....

Lyrical Miracle has already had a large share of successful performances, ranging from local bars/clubs in Wichita, KS and San Antonio, Texas, to Parties at the Bethel College (which he graduated from in Newton, Kansas), to “Sweet 16” birthdays for high school students.

With the meaning of Hip Hop changing constantly, Lyrical Miracle has taken matters into his own hands. He is in the game to put lyrics back in the game. Using devastating punch-lines, and smooth energetic delivery he is excelling as his career continues.

With all of this great talk about Mr. Miracle at stake, questions continue to rise in the public minds of his fans. Why is Lyrical Miracle not signed? Does Lyrical Miracle want to be signed? Will Lyrical Miracle ever be signed? These questions are easy to answer for Mr. Miracle as he states, “I am 22 years old and just graduated from college with a business management degree. I will be looking to sign a major label contract when the time is right. If it’s God’s will for my life then I will be signed. If it is not his will for my life, then I will not be signed. God created me so he knows what is best for my life; therefore I pray that nothing but his will be done in my life” The critic are predicting, 2010 might be Lyrical Miracles breakout year!!!!

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