Quietstormbeatz Privacy Policy

Quietstormbeatz Email Subscription

Your email address you use for the free membership is not sold or passed to any third party and is used strictly solely used by Quietstormbeatz to communicate with you the user. You can also opt out at any point in time. If you have subscribed to our free e-mail newsletter but you no longer wish to receive these newsletters it in the future, please follow the simple "unsubscribe" instructions present in each of our newsletters. Once you have unsubscribed to our mailing list you are no longer entitled access to the free Beats library at Quietstormbeatz. The security of your information is a main priorities and there are several measures in place that ensure your infromation is safe and protected against the misuse or loss of information that Quetstormbeatz has collected from our email subscribers. Visitors should also not disclosing any personal information outside of the requested information contained in our sign-up form and memembership area(which only you the user and Quietstormbeatz has access to).

Quietstormbeatz Payment's Received Policies

Quietstormbeatz will never keep a credit card, debit card number, IP address e.t.c on file and does not have access to this information when any payments go through, as all our payments are processed through paypal which ensures the privacy and safety of all your financial information.