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Get more value for your money and music budget with the VIP Member Lease Packages that will help you save money on your beats needs and help you get the quality instrumentals you need for any of your upcoming projects(mixtapes, demos, videos, commercials e.t.c).

Its pretty much straightforward how it works:

2. Purchase memberhsip using your paypal, debit, credit card etc.
2. Send an email to qsb@quietstormbeatz.com with name/s of beats you want to lease at the time and the .
3. Beats leased are sent directly to your email.

VIP Membership($5.95/month)
Get 5 Lease beats at anytime during the span of a month or 30 days. No rolling over. Beats have to be picked within that time period. One time payment. No recurring fees. Sell up to 4000 units. Make videos. Sell on itunes etc No hidden charges, no cancellation fees.You get a reminder when your subscription is almost over. Get discounted rate for purchasing multiple months. $25.99 for 6 months, $45.99 for 1 year.
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